Master the Code (MTC) is a revolutionary reading program developed by the world's leading cognitive training company, Learning RX. The MTC program uses the sound-based process by which each of us learns language to replace the cycle of inefficient reading habits that rely on guesswork and archaic rules.  Their approach is simple, even fun, yet it has proven to target and alleviate a lifetime of learning problems.

To begin, MTC students strengthen their auditory processing skills with mental exercises.  Along with this stimulation, MTC builds reading and spelling skills from the ground up through cognitive training that shows students how to accurately recognize and understand letters and letter combinations as well as their corresponding sounds. PACE instructors virtually help students build a bigger memory bank in the computer of their brain.

When integrated with the PACE cognitive skills enhancement program, Master the Code aids individuals of all ages who struggle with reading, but is especially beneficial for student readers who are struggling to overcome reading deficiencies.  Recent studies reveal that students are averaging four years of reading skill improvement in less than five months with the MTC program.  It works in conjunction with PACE to enhance these vital mental skills:

•Attention (ability to stay on a given task)

•Auditory Analysis (ability to detect small changes in groups of sound)

•Short and Long-term Memory (ability to remember sound-symbol relationships)

•Processing Speed and Working Memory (ability to retain incoming information and process it quickly)

•Sound Blending (ability to put together sounds to form words)

•Sound Segmenting (the ability to separate or unglue sounds)

•Visualization (ability to create and use mental images)

The goal of Master the Code is to embed the English reading code at an automatic level in each student so they respond accurately to the written and spoken word, follow directions and verbal cues, and build their retention quotient so they can formulate their own ideas and communicate them in school, at home, and along whatever life path they choose.

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