PACE: Training the Brain

When learning is easier, life is easier. That's because how we learn impacts every area of life: school, sports, career, relationships, even everyday tasks and leisure activities. If someone you love is struggling in school, work, or life, the problem may not be their lack of brain power, but how their brain processes incoming information.

Like everyone, people with learning difficulties feel the need to excel, follow their dreams, and take their place in society, but they are held back because their brain, the nerve center of our body, cannot grasp, use, or remember the information it is given— even in an ideal educational setting.

If this describes you or someone you love, there is help. Processing and Cognitive Enhancement (PACE) is a proven approach to obtaining scientifically measurable improvements in brain performance. Much like a fitness coach employs stretches and weights to strengthen an athlete's body, our skilled PACE instructors train a student's brain through a program of activities that drives synaptic changes and stimulates dynamic memory.

Once the brain's core cognitive function is enhanced, PACE students notice a marked change in their ability to think, read, learn, and retain as well as pay attention to in-class instructions or keep their focus on a lengthy test.

We have discovered that PACE benefits those who:

  • have trouble paying attention and staying on task
  • become easily distracted
  • reverse letters and words
  • forget verbal instructions or written ones
  • take a long time to complete a task
  • repeatedly making the same careless errors without realizing it
  • have difficulty sounding out words as well as spelling them
  • have trouble in math creating mental pictures to solve word problems
  • struggle to understand or comprehend what they read
  • engage in activities that don't seem to make sense

If items on this list are familiar, remember: they can be alleviated. Our instructors and the families who enroll in the program continue to be amazed at how students who receive PACE brain training improve how well they are able to formulate new knowledge while retaining the old. This improvement is evident not only for a single class or academic year, but also for every class of every year as well as in all areas of life.  

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