The Listening Program (TLP) is a music listening method created to increase mental performance at any age.  TLP is administered through an international network of a Core Edge provider who use music as a tool to enhance personal success in school, career, or whatever endeavor appeals to you.

TLP trains the brain with motivating evidence-based music to support sound brain fitness, resulting in a "work-enhancing" effect that boosts brain performance in a wide range of areas:


•Auditory Processing

•Social & Emotional Function

•Stress Response

•Motor Coordination


•Executive Function

The Listening Program (TLP) offers its unique listening training according to individual needs.  This personal approach begins with identifying your listener group: Are you looking to achieve wellness, increase your academic or professional results, or do you want to reach and maintain your peak performance level? 

Your answer will help you and your Core Edge provider select the TLP product best suited to your needs in settings such as school, hospitals and clinics, assisted living facilities, business and finance companies, athletic and music programs, in private living spaces or on military bases. Wherever you are or wherever you plan to go, TLP will help you succeed through its program of enhanced listening power.


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