K-12 through College 


  • Arithmetic Algebra I-IV / AP
  • Geometry / AP
  • Trigonometry / AP
  • Pre-Calculus / AP
  • Calculus / AP


  • Literature
  • Writing
  • Grammar


  • United States AP
  • European AP 


  • Comprehension Speed


  • Biology / AP 
  • Chemistry / AP
  • Physics / AP

Foreign Language:

  • Spanish I-V
  • French I-V

Study Skills: 

  • Note-Taking & Organization  
  • Time Management
  • How to Study
  • Test taking strategies 

Home of personalized tutoring 

At The Core Edge, we teach individualized study programs calibrated to increase each student's academic performance. Instead of borrowing from a standard playbook of material, our teachers’ partner with administrators to design a course of study tailored to each student's needs. With this approach, students learn to own their program and are able to move through a course of study at their own pace, regulated by competent professionals, ultimately arriving at results that are greater than anything they could have achieved through traditional study practices.

We begin by assessing each student's skills and learning styles. During this process, we listen to students and their supportive families who are the best source of feedback for the students’ current achievements and future capabilities. Then, we bring our considerable knowledge and experience to the table and practice, practice, practice as we direct students toward more effective study methods and mastery of difficult concepts. This system raises comprehension and classroom performance, as well as test scores.  

We are experts at simplifying material and reducing the intimidation factor of tests and ever-increasing loads of schoolwork. Once armed with increased knowledge and winning strategies, students are then able to face tougher and more significant exams, taxing assignments such as research papers, and the looming specter of college. With our time-tested techniques, our students are able to streamline the study process to achieve greater results without endless hours of homework.

At The Core Edge, as much energy as we put into raising academic achievement, we put into confidence building. It is the secret ingredient of students who successfully balance an enormous workload with a mind-boggling variety of extra-curricular activities and family, as well as a social life. Sadly, not every student exudes confidence. Some arrive with a deeply felt sense of failure or perceived deficiency— possibly caused by low test scores or low self-esteem. With our individualized tutoring method, The Core Edge knows how to elevate a student's performance along with an improved sense of self.  

For students who tend to panic before a test or experience apprehension owing to a learning difference, The Core Edge offers an especially powerful antidote. That antidote is confidence building and it does not come without achievement and reward. We have consciously structured a program that provides both. Once students build on small achievements and acknowledgement(s), they are better able to manage pre-test anxiety, enabling them to approach the material calmly. When students have less to fear, they begin to achieve their true potential. 

To be the Best, you need the Edge.

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