One Hundred Years From Now It Will Not Matter

What Your Bank Account Was, The Sort Of House You Lived In,

or the Kind of Car You Drove

…but The World May Be Different Because

YOU Were Important In The Life Of A Child.



Empowering teens, parents, and the world!

Teens today are living in precarious times where society, schools, and even their own families are unknowingly asking them to live up to an unreachable set of paradoxical standards of strength, beauty, intelligence, athleticism, achievement etc. Teens are left feeling stressed, depressed, anxious, and confused about who they are and what THEY really want.  Further, they are overwhelmed, overtired, and overscheduled as they struggle to navigate their own thoughts, feelings, needs, and accomplishments.

Schools today are consumed with teaching the core curriculum they are required to teach, and they often lack the necessary time and aptitude to impart the critical “life-skills” teens also need, including: emotional intelligence, stress management, resiliency, empathy, decision-making, envisioning, giving-back, navigating intra and interpersonal relationships, and identifying their authentic strengths and desires.

And the list goes on and on!

Parents today are doing the best they can to raise happy, confident teens, but they are WORRIED about the dangers, pressures, and uncertain futures their children will face after high school, college and beyond. 

The Core Edge vow is to “empower teens to overcome their challenges, realize their goals and dreams, contribute to society with hope, faith, and grow into confident, happy and fulfilled adults.” 

Coaching topics often include:


•Shame resilience



•Academic pressures and demands

•Body image

•Relationships (family, friends)

•Time management

•Future planning

•Decision-making (drugs, sex, alcohol, etc.)



•Great self-worth

•Knowing how to make a decision and sticking with it



•Tools to handle conflict

•Friendship skills

•Communication skills

•Better parental relationship


•Study skills

Our approach is to help teens deal with the “ups and downs” of adolescent life in a proactive way, and to help parents better understand the “teen world.”  We help you identify what’s in the way of feeling and doing your personal best.  Sometimes it’s something within yourself (shyness, procrastination, learning differences, disorganization, low grades, etc.) and other times it’s a particular circumstance (stress about a relationship, confusion about your future, trouble with a teacher, sibling, etc.).  Next, I assist in help you design a personal plan to improve your unique situation. Finally, I help you to use these new tools and “life-skills” in your everyday life to help you achieve your goals.  Along the way, you have your very own personal “cheerleader” to listen to you and help guide YOU on your journey. 


Let’s face it, cliques, drugs, pressure to get a 4.0, wanting to be accepted, annoying girls and guys, the opposite sex and their head games, demanding teachers, etc. are NEVER going away.  They are an unavoidable part of the growing up years, nevertheless, there are tools and strategies that I have studied and discovered that you can use to enjoy these times, and feel EMPOWERED about your future!  Since you only have one life, you deserve to make sure it is THE BEST IT CAN BE!




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