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ACT, SAT, PSAT, ISEE/SSAT & SAT II Subject Test & A.P. Test Prep:

The Core Edge focuses exclusively on individual student test preparation and designs a program to fit each student's needs. A student who enrolls at The Core Edge receives his or her customized curriculum, developed by our own qualified instructors. This curriculum is continuously revised and updated to keep pace with the ever-changing world of standardized testing. We firmly believe that our commitment to individual attention provides every student with the ability to achieve his/her best possible academic results. The average Core Edge test prep student who works diligently throughout the program generally raises his/her test score by an average of ACT: 3-12 points, SAT:200-600 (1600). This type of score increase could make a world of difference in your child’s college choices and life goals. Also, increased scores have been shown to motivate students to achieve even greater potential. In preparation for standardized tests, students are introduced to a special set of skills and strategies that are not specifically taught in the classroom, but are necessary to maximize points in each test section. Echoing our commitment to helping each student reach his/her personal best, each student is expected to complete his/her own curriculum package, including assigned homework.  At the completion of the program, students are given rigorous, formal practice tests to build endurance and confidence, solidifying knowledge. 

Our commitment to personal attention assures that every student will achieve his/her best possible results. This unique approach has been shown to produce dramatic improvements and substantial score increases over time. Students schooled in our techniques experience less fear around tests and schoolwork.   

Our skilled instructors not only help students understand the concepts presented on the ACT, SAT, PSAT, ISEE/SSAT, SAT II Subject Test & A.P. Test, but they equip the students with the necessary skills and strategies to conquer these monumental, potentially life-changing tests. At The Core Edge, students are tutored, encouraged, and supported to achieve his/her highest score possible, not to compete with one another. Our GOAL is to assist each client in receiving his/her highest individual score possible for acceptance into the School, University, or College of his/her choice.

College admissions will only continue to become more competitive. Your child’s test score will not only follow him/her to college, for many after college careers are requiring the submission of an SAT/ACT score when applying for the job. 

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We believe that the only secret to getting into the college of his/her choice is having an edge.Get The Core Edge Life Difference Now

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